Colour consulting

To make the choice of the colour a little easier for you, we have put together a small colour guide for you here.

Most of the dresses have the colour IVORY, this is a very light tone, and almost white.
For dresses & outfits in color IVORY we recommend to choose our color white/IVORY.

The next darker shade would be our colour ELEPHONY/LIGHT CREAM. This tone is a little more tinted and corresponds to a LIGHT CREAM.

The next darker tone after that would be our colour CREAM. This colour is a real CREAM and fits only CREAM-coloured outfits.
It is a little darker and stronger than the colour ELEVINE/LIGHT CREAM and usually too dark to ivory-coloured dresses & outfits.

Not every yarn is available in each of these colours. You can see the available colours when you select the product.
Basically it is very difficult to find the exact same colour of yarn and dress, this is due to the production and feel of the different fabrics. Also you should always check the colours in daylight, artificial light can falsify the colour tone strongly.

We think it doesn't necessarily have to be 100% exactly the same shade between knitwear and outfit, because a small deviation makes the whole look natural and a "two-tone look" is even quite nice.

If you have any further questions about the colours, or if you would like to receive a yarn sample of your favourite piece, please contact us at